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British Cheese is undergoing a renaissance!

Two world wars all but ruined farmhouse British cheese making. At the start of WW1, there were over 3,500 cheesemakers in the UK. By the end of WW2, there was barely 100 still producing.

The introduction of the Milk Marketing Board (MMB) in 1933 was also a defining factor in the decline of traditional cheese making in this country. It was set up by the government to encourage, control and maximize milk production, in order to feed the growing UK population.

Farmers no longer had any incentive to make cheese. Why go through all that hard work, when the government would give you a good price for your milk, and collect it from your farm?

Fast forward to April 1994, when the deregulation of the milk market in Britain meant farmers could no longer rely on a guaranteed price for their milk. They had to find other buyers – mainly large supermarkets.

Milk prices plummeted, and many farmers turned back to cheese making to add value to their milk, and enable them to create a sustainable business.

Finally, in the last 15-20 years, the number of farmhouse cheesemakers in the UK has risen.

This has been fuelled by changing attitudes in the UK towards British produce, as well as the work of amazing cheesemongers such as La Fromagerie, The Courtyard Dairy, Paxton & Whitfield and Neals Yard Dairy. The people of Britain are learning to appreciate good cheese!

We’re proud to support this revival in traditional cheese making, and you should be too.

Not only does real British Cheese taste amazing, it supports our farmers and rural communities, and helps to strengthen local economies across the country.

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Real British Cheese


A fantastically soft, triple-cream cheese produced by Nettlebed Creamery, Oxfordshire. Serious luxurious, perfect for baking and dipping.

  • Oxfordshire
  • Nettlebed Creamery
  • Soft
  • Cows'
  • Cream, White Mushroom

Rosary Goats’ Cheese

This fresh, creamy goats’ cheese with hints of lemon is a favourite of The Cheese Truck, who have used it in their Goats’ Cheese, Walnut & Honey grilled cheese since they began. Produced by Claire and Chris Moody, in Salisbury.

  • Salisbury
  • Rosary
  • Soft
  • Goats'
  • Creamy, Hints of Lemon
  • Vegetarian


A deliciously creamy, soft blue cheese from Cropwell Bishop. The perfect choice for both stilton fans, and those who prefer a milder blue.

  • Nottingham
  • Cropwell Bishop
  • Blue
  • Cows'
  • Mellow


All the way from County Cork, Ireland, Coolea is similar in style to Dutch Gouda. A hard, Alpine-style, cow’s milk cheese with sweet, rich flavours and notes of hazelnut and caramel.

  • County Cork
  • Coolea
  • Hard, Alpine-Style
  • Cows'
  • Sweet, Hazelnut, Caramel


Our second La Latteria cheese, made to be eaten fresh! Fresh, shredded mozzarella encased in cream – ours is delivered daily to ensure the creamiest cheese possible! Highly addictive.

  • Acton, London
  • La Latteria
  • Fresh, Soft
  • Cows'
  • Creamy, Milky

Queso Oaxaca

Also produced by Gringa Dairy, this cheese was launched in 2017. A semi-hard, cow’s milk cheese, with a stringy mozzarella-like texture.

  • Peckham, London
  • Gringa Dairy
  • Fresh, Semi-Soft
  • Cows'
  • Mild, Milky

Queso Chihuahua

Produced by Gringa Dairy in a railway arch in Peckham, this Mexican-style, melting cheese is creamy and crazy stringy!

  • Peckham, London
  • Gringa Dairy
  • Fresh, Semi-Soft
  • Cows'
  • Mild

Young Buck

Northern Ireland’s first raw milk artisanal blue cheese, made by Michael Thomson of Mike’s Fancy Cheeses. Rich and creamy, with a long-lingering finish.

  • Belfast
  • Mike's Fancy Cheese
  • Blue
  • Raw Cows'
  • Creamy, Smooth & Rounded

Lincolnshire Poacher

A raw cow’s milk cheese produced by Simon and Tim Jones, Poacher is a cross between a cheddar and a mountain-style cheese. Complex, smooth and densely creamy.

  • Lincolnshire
  • Simon & Tim Jones
  • Hard
  • Raw Cows'
  • Fruity, Tangy

Cheddar Curds

The youngest cheese we have in the restaurant. Curds are produced during the first stage of cheese making, when they’re separated from the whey; and are un-aged, giving them a fresh flavour and a squeaky texture!

  • Devon
  • Quicke's
  • Young
  • Cows'
  • Sweet, Salty, Milky

Mozzarella Fior di Latte

Fior di Latte literally means ‘the flower of milk’. Made fresh daily by La Latteria in West London.

  • Acton, London
  • La Latteria
  • Fresh
  • Cows'


Doddington ranges from bright, grassy flavours, through to savoury, brothy and Parmesan-like. This firm, raw cow’s milk cheese is produced by Maggie Maxwell in Northumberland.

  • Northumberland
  • Doddington Dairy
  • Hard
  • Raw Cows'
  • Sweet Caramel, Nutty, Grassy, Brothy

Old Winchester

This hard, Parmesan-style cheese is matured for at least 16 months by producers Mike and Judy Smales. It’s nutty, sweet and powerful, with crystal-like crunches.

  • Salisbury
  • Mike & Judy Smales
  • Hard
  • Cows'
  • Powerful, Sweet, Fruity & Nutty
  • Vegetarian


This semi-soft, Jersey cow’s milk cheese is produced by Jamie Montgomery in Somerset. It’s a washed rind, Alpine-style cheese, similar to raclette. Tastes sweet and nutty, and melts like a dream.

  • Somerset
  • Jamie Montgomery
  • Semi-Hard, Washed Rind
  • Cows'
  • Sweet, Nutty


Made by Alsop and Walker in East Sussex, this cow’s milk cheese is similar in style to an Emmental. Soft, fruity, sweet and nutty in flavour, with holes throughout.

  • Sussex
  • Alsop & Walker
  • Semi-Hard
  • Cows'
  • Fruity, Sweet, Nutty
  • Vegetarian

Baron Bigod

Produced by the Crickmore’s on Fen Farm Dairy, Suffolk, this raw cow’s milk cheese is the only Brie-de-Meaux style cheese in the UK. Creamy, bloomy, and utterly delicious.

  • Bungay, Suffolk
  • Jonathan and Dulcie Crickmore
  • Soft
  • Raw Cows'
  • Cream, Farmyard, Mushroom

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