Our Story

Mathew started The Cheese Truck in early 2014 to celebrate and promote all that is great about British cheese.

From humble beginnings at Maltby Street Market, to becoming a regular fixture on the UK festival circuit, we made a name for ourselves serving some of Britain’s best grilled cheese sandwiches from our iconic classic Bedford vans: Archie, Alfie & Audrey.

We’ve conquered the fields of Glastonbury, starred in Hollywood Movies and travelled as far as Istanbul and Dubai, selling half a million sandwiches & amassing a passionate following on our mission to rejuvenate British cheese.

In 2016, we decided it was time to make the jump to bricks and mortar. We reached our crowdfunding target in less than a week, and opened our flagship Camden restaurant the following year.

Camden has been our biggest challenge yet. We haven’t always got things right, but our small, dedicated team have managed to keep the doors open, seven days a week, for the past two years.

Our aim is to share our food with as many people as possible, whilst informally educating our customers on how great British produce can be.

The price of our dishes fairly reflect the quality of their ingredients, as well as the time and energy it’s taken to get them to your plate. That being said, we’ll always keep our food affordable and accessible.

We want everyone to embrace it, and be part of our British cheese revolution!

“This Cheese Truck could be the best street food truck ever…”


“At the heart of the Cheese Bar is a passion for good products. Everything is as local as it can be, and all from the UK. There’s attention given to everything… That’s why it’s so good.”

Evening Standard

“The Cheese Truck have reached new heights in the art of melted sandwich fillings.”

Timeout London

Eat More British Cheese

Get to know our cheesemakers

Gringa Dairy

We’ve worked with Gringa Dairy since we started The Cheese Truck five years ago. They’re one of London’s best urban dairies (based under a railway arch in Peckham), & their handmade cheeses are some of the most authentic outside of Mexico.

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Fen Farm Dairy

Suffolk-based Fen Farm are the creators of Baron Bigod – the UK’s only raw milk, Brie-de-Meaux style cheese. The quality of their unpasteurised milk shines through in their products, & we’re incredibly proud to serve their cheese in our restaurant. Their raw milk coffee machine is also worth a dedicated trip to the farm!

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The Quicke family have been on Home Farm, in Devon, for 14 generations. Their philosopy is one of deep respect for the land, for those who farm it, & for their herd of cows that provide all of the milk for their traditional, clothbound cheeses.

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Our Mission

We believe that food tastes better when it’s made for love, not just for money,
and when people & place are valued as an integral part of the process.

We want to introduce communities to the source of their food, and to the people who make it.
We do this by championing British cheese.

We offer honest, well-sourced food in modern, design-conscious settings,
and encourage our customers to take pride in the food made on our doorstep.

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