Our Food

The Cheese Bar is dedicated to celebrating the best of British cheese.
We work closely with our producers, sourcing all our cheese direct from UK-based farms that are making cheese in a traditional & thoughtful way.

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Please be aware that our menu changes regularly, as well as sometimes throughout the day.

Download a sample menu below. These may differ from our current restaurant menu.

Our Food Menu

Our Cocktail List

For gluten free options, please see the note below.

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Lunch Offer

Get our daily-changing special plus a soft drink for £8.50.

12-4pm, Monday - Thursday.

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Fondue Thursdays

London’s favourite fondue night returns to The Cheese Bar!

Dine from our Fondue Feasting Menu every Thursday from November until February.

Gluten Free

We have a small kitchen here at The Cheese Bar and, due to the nature of our menu, there are a lot of ingredients which do contain gluten. Unfortunately we don’t have gluten free bread for our grilled cheese sandwiches, and we use the same fryer for all of our fried dishes, most of which do contain gluten. 

We do have a few dishes on our menu with no deliberate gluten-containing ingredients, but due to the high risk of gluten cross-contamination, we are unable to label foods as ‘gluten-free’ or ‘very low gluten’. Instead, if you make it known to your server when ordering, steps will be taken to control gluten cross-contamination as best as possible. 

Our current menu dishes which do not contain ingredients with gluten are:

  • Blue Cheese Raclette with Salt Beef

  • Queso Fundido

  • All Side Dishes

Many of our dishes can be amended to avoid gluten-containing ingredients:

  • The Weekly Cheeseboard (with GF crackers)

  • London Burrata (with GF crackers)

  • Truffled Baron Bigod Brie (with GF crackers)

  • Ploughman’s (with GF crackers)

  • Special Baked Cheese (with GF crackers)

  • Classic Fondue (no bread)

  • Chicken Poutine (no crispy onions)